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Trading Co

Fairy Catchers to Queen Victoria and Mythical Pest controllers

Jeremiah Crab and Thadious Crumb Victorian/Steampunk style street theatre, Crab and Crumb Victorian fairy catchers, and magical pest control! Unfortunately due to their cruel deeds towards fairy folk, these once normal-looking humans have become dark and twisted, always on the lookout for other mystical creatures to add to their collection or to sell on the sideshow and black market. Trinkets, Treasures, Mythical Objet d'art, Majical Items, Creatures & Curses, they have a wide selection on offer always on the lookout for the Ministry of Magic as they have no trading license. This loathsome duo will ride around your event keeping the masses entertained with a collection of skits and sales pitches. No job too small from trolls to mother inlaws they will rid you of your pests if you cross their palms with silver. 

_DSC9905 copy A.jpg

Performance Duration 30 to 60 mins 
Outdoor / Large Space

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