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This is a hand's on workshop teaching the skill of juggling whilst exploring the forces & motion that are at play.

During the hour session the more serious work is done as we follow up the discoveries made in the show by looking at the motion of the juggling objects and the effects different forces have on them.

The force of gravity and the varying terms and knowledge for each key stage will be reinforced.

No more than 35 participants for workshop.

Key Stage 1 & 2 to be carried out individually.

Duration: 60 minutes

Requirements : School Hall

Key Stage 1 & 2

Join the Misfits on a madcap journey of discovery as you will enter the world of Juggling with forces!

As the story unfolds the misfits bring out the science involved during the process of mastering the ancient art of juggling.

Along with a little bit of comedy & story telling they will unlock and bring a deeper understanding of the world of forces and motion that is around us all.

Drawing upon the superior knowledge of the participating young scientists the Misfits juggling experiments will back up and refresh the key points of forces and motion that may have already been covered in the classroom.

The study group will also join them on a time traveling journey into history, to the very moment of discovery and naming of Gravity by Sir Isaac Newton himself. So remember what goes up must come down.

Duration :60 minutes

Requirments: School Hall, x2 Chairs, 1 Table


Technical Information

The Show

Duration: 60 Mins

Location: School Hall

Requirements x2 Chairs x1 Table

The show can be performed for any number of pupils of Key Stage 1 & 2

Key Stage 1

We will learn

  • that when things speed up, slow down or change direction, there is a cause [for example, a push or a pull]

  • that both pushes and pulls are examples of forces

  • about, and describe the movement of, familiar things [for example, cars going faster, slowing down,

     Changing direction]


Duration: 60 Mins

Location: School Hall

Follow up workshops groups can be no bigger than 35 pupils.

Key Stage 1 and 2 to be carried out separately.

We will try to fit into school time table as much as possible.

Key Stage 2

We will learn

  • That when objects are pushed or pulled an opposing pull or push can be felt.

  • About friction, including air resistance as a force that slows moving objects and may prevent objects from starting to move.

  • How to measure forces and identify the direction in which they act.

  • That objects are pulled downwards because of the gravitational attraction between them and the Earth.

  • About the forces of attraction and repulsion.

Human cannon ball.png
Mount moving clubs.png

Scifest 2018 Final report quote.

'The children laughed the whole way through, as did the adults. What a clever way to put over so much information. Certainly informative & fun'

Click Logo to download the PDF file for printable info. 

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