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X3 Pink Radical Fish Juggling Club.
Made in the UK invented by Beard Juggling.
Hi end club at an affordable price. Great for solo and passing, beginners andadvance juggles alike. Nice spin, long handles, thin bulb end so you can catch  if needed.

Elegant club, the Radical Fish:

The Radical Fish club is part of the History of clubs and juggling. It is thin and elegant with a clean finish. It excels in solo juggling and passing. The large tips allow many key-based tricks. The body with its strange shape also allows blockages of all kinds. It is said that its shape was originally developed for bouncing, but as with all clubs, there is an element of surprise in the bounce ! It had her heyday with The Peapots, a very innovative video at the time with a very contemporary juggling style that was way ahead of its time.
Length: 53 cm.
Mass: approximately 215 g.
Type of dowel: wood (ash).
Body: HDPE.
Specificity: the shape of the body makes it possible to catch the club from the "wrong side".

X3 Pink Radical Fish Juggling Clubs

£25.00 Regular Price
£20.00Sale Price
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