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The Misfit Geeks

The Misfit Geeks, Ramblers and collectors of all things geeky


Meet Collin,Malcolm, Pauline and Cousin Rupert as they "have the best day out ever" ( your event )


These are Train spotting, jotter pad and biro wielding serial number obsessed geeks, You name it they collect it. Anything Names, stamps, car registration numbers the lot. Only ever stopping to refuel on crustless cucumber sandwiches and weak lemon drink.


These characters are often believed to be the real thing. They can be on stilts, Foot or ride bikes small, big, long, and tall and But always constantly on the mission of collecting useless data.



Performance space : Outdoor

Performance Type: Walkabout / stilt walking

Duration: 30 Mins or 60 Mins



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