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The Pirate Show

Misfit Pirates
Pirate show 01
ahoy there !!!
yeee gadds!!!
Stinky pete and Fierce Francis
Earthbound Misfits Mutany
Earthbound Misfits Seagull

AHOY there ship mates!!!!!! We join Captain No Beard and his first mate Stinky Pete, between them they have only sailed 2 of the seven seas, They really are not cut out for the cut throat life of a pirate, they have been land locked for months and have decided they would like to try there hand at being performing pirates. This comedic swash buckling duo try to juggle cannon balls, walk the plank, whip cracking and balancing a cutless on their faces.


Performance space : Outdoor or Indoor (no fire)

Ceiling Height: Minimum 12 ft

Minimum Floor space:  4 m by 6 m

Duration: 30 Mins

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